Autumn is here and all the earth becomes a mirror.

Leaves of vibrant scarlet and radiant gold,  frame fields of maize

still whispering truths of old.  We reap what we sow.

Silver light reflects the harvest moon;

heralds bare branches coming soon.

Gliding geese foretell of autumn’s equinox with haunting cries.

Earth’s most enchanting lullaby.

May we sow richly into the lives of others this Autumn. May you reap the abundant blessings God has graciously given with a heart of gratitude.

Breaking of the Bread

The Breaking of Bread

The casting of the net,
the canceling of sin’s debt,
causes my heart to be still and repent
for love caught to cover all regret.

The sharpening of the shears,
the surrendering of earthly fears,
causes my soul to ever draw near
Jesus’ Sacred Heart to pause and hear.

The pruning of His hook,
the wisdom of His book,
causes my spirit to grow and look
to Him alone, for all He gave and took.

The pitching of the tent,
the commissioning of two by two as they went,
to catch men from the places they were sent,
causes my ears to listen to His teachings with intent.

The washing of the feet,
the giving of oneself to those we meet,
causes my mind to retreat
to imitate His mercy; tender and sweet.

The breaking of the bread,
the union of Christ and His Church forever wed,
“Do this in remembrance of Me,” Jesus said.
Praise God for the souls of men are unceasingly fed!

My Beautiful Cross

My Beautiful Cross

With tearful eyes, I wrote a note to the Lord and tacked it to my cross. I asked,
“Lord, why does the affection still linger long after the loss?”

The Lord gently replied and spoke of redemptive love that never dies but cleanses all our dross. I sighed and tacked a note of thanks to my cross.

I traveled on and had another thought. I wrote a note to the Lord and tacked it to my cross. I asked, “Lord, why does the weight of the loss increase during certain seasons in life?”

The Lord gently replied as I cried once more. He reminded me the wood was once a tree, a living thing of beauty. It grew old in wisdom forever aging in velvet moss. He explained when it died those living among it also had to bear the loss. So, I learned we were not meant to endure grief alone and tacked a note of gratitude to my cross.

As I journeyed up the hill, I thought about the tree, the Lord and the dross. I felt His grace and love and it was greater than all the loss.

I saw the Lord’s Hands placed over mine that held my cross made of tree, crafted to overcome death and loss. Now, I go on singing in thanksgiving under the weight of my beautiful cross.

Green Glass Pond

Green Glass Pond

Green glass pond, with me wait.
Reflect God’s glory through heaven’s gate.

Green glass pond, steady my walk.
Reflect God’s trust as He calls me across to talk.

Green glass pond, I fear I‘ll sink.
Reflect God’s mercy if I look back and blink.

Green glass pond, cleanse my heart,
Reflect God’s forgiveness and level its rampart.

Green glass pond, reflect my heart’s gratitude
back to Him who dwells beyond your northerly latitude.

Green glass pond, with me drift.
Reflect God’s love as He alone does my spirit lift.

Green glass pond, raise mine eyes.
Reflect God’s light through my life. In Him, I gladly abide.

2 Corinthians 3:18 “And all of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another, for this comes from the Lord, the Spirit.”

Sometimes it’s hard to be still and trust. We get anxious and think something should have happened by now or how will all of this get done before dinner, right? Sometimes we get caught up in the ripples of life and forget God wants our minds and hearts raised up to Him. When I look in the mirror of my life, I hope, more to often than not, I look like Him. Honestly, I know there are spaces I don’t. So I am thankful for a patient God who steadies me in the process of a changed appearance. What does your mirror reflect today to give Him glory?

Narrow Gate

The Narrow Gate

Through the echo of the night, I clasp the gate,
call to You, and denounce the wait,
that taunts my love for You and says I’m late.
Through the wind in the trees, I pray and wait,
while the darkness rattles the rusted bars on the narrow gate.

“Just take me back. Please take me to the other side.
I am weary and in need of rest,” truthfully I confide.

“I am homesick and for a short while wish to hide,
with You in the gardens of heaven’s countryside.
Just take me back where beauty reigns, music plays
and light illuminates. I’d be happy for just a day.”

Through the wind in the trees, I pray and wait,
for You to come through the narrow gate.
“Why do You seem so far away when I need You this very day?”

Then, through the narrow gate, I heard a soft reply, “I am already here.
Go inside your heart where I live and will always stay.”

Wooden Corridor

Wooden Corridor

I have dismissed the crowds as You directed. The wind’s whisper invites me to come deeper into the woods where You and Your beauty live.
My steps hasten as the path narrows. My mind wants to trick me into thinking I am being followed. I press on as my heart’s breathless chase draws me closer to where You are, deep, deep in the woods. As the twigs crack under my feet, I remind myself it is You alone I wish to follow. Just a glimpse of You will restore me today. Just a nod and I am whole again. Just a kiss and I will soar from inside on bended knee to forever praise Your Holy Name.
The bark of Your glorious wooden corridor scratches my rib cage as I run to this clearing. The birds of the air, absent from my view, cheer me on as I sprint toward You. My eyes are fixed straight ahead because it is You alone I seek. I need You today. I have my best poem, tucked in my pocket, for You in humble gratitude for all You have gifted me.
The earthy scent of the woods causes my heart to beat faster as I sense You near. As I lean forward, now running on uneven ground, my foot catches in a tangle of branches. I fall. I rise again as You have taught me. I recall how many times You kept me from the snare of the fowler’s trap and protected me from my foes. My security is with You.
Scratched and scraped, I come to this corridor’s end where beauty abounds and a green blanket is Your invitation to rest. I recline under the floorboards of heaven as the light pierces through to warm my skin. The wind blows the drapes of scarlet and gold while the birds echo Your love’s sweet refrain. I inhale Your goodness. An evergreen kiss tickles my nose with delight while the whisper of the wind is a heavenly hush to stay and rest awhile. My heart sings with grateful wonder as You inspire me to write this memory on another leaf in time. Indeed, the Lord is my Shepherd.
The Shepherd cares for the needs of ordinary people. When we entrust ourselves to His care, we do have everything we need. His love restores us from life’s weariness. Refreshed and strengthened, we can rise again to travel the everyday path secure with the knowledge we are not alone. We are welcomed. We are loved. Psalm 23 verse 1-3 (GNT)

The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. He lets me rest in fields of green grass and leads me to quiet pools of fresh water. He gives me new strength. He guides me in the right paths, as promised.